Let’s discover our Second home town!

Let’s discover our Second home town!Next year, how about a faming experience in Mogamitown Yamagata?


You can see vegetables like tomatos or asparagus at the supermarket any time, but wouldn’t you like to know you how they are produced ? If you come to Mogami once a month for twelve months, you will not only be able to enjoy watching them grow and mature, but you will also be able to savour the beauty of the changing seasons.



Please gether at JR Mogami station at PM 13:00


We will send you to farm by taxi


Under the direction of the local farmers, you will experience four or five hours of real farm work

※The content of the farming work we will ask you to participate in will of coursewith the seasons


After the workday is done, we will escort you back
to the farm house where you will be staying.
There are a number of hot Springs inns hearby,
and also a daytime-only hot springs facility that is only three minutes away by foot. After work, you can refresh your body and mind in a nearby hot springs
(only\310 yen)

Check out

Check out is at 10:00 am After that, you can do as you please.

※Please remember that regulations do not allow your home stay family to serve you meals.
There is a convenience store just across the street, however, and grocery store nearby.
※If you would prefer to lodge a . hot Springs in that serves mealsduring your stay, this can be easily arranged.

Travelling days

If you are interested, we will accept once a- montanth bookings on the day of your choice, If you prefer, you can start your famingad-venture

If you would prefer, you can start your farming adventure in May or June.
Please let us know your preferred starting date at least ten days in advance.


Price:\240,000(one year/twelvetimes)

(Please pay in one lump sum)

Included in this price are

  • Lodgings
  • Your agricultural experience
  • Transpotation to and from Mogami Station.

Not included

  • Transporfetion with in Mogami Town
  • Food expenses

Things you should prepare

  • Clothes appropriate for agricultaral work
  • Sneakers and rubberboots
  • work gloves
  • change of clothes (bring pajamas to)


If you want to visit other places in Yamagata, just let us know!
We will of course be happy to arrange for your transpotation and lodgings.


The guest house Y.M

58 Mukai-Machi, Mogami-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata,Japan

Introduce Mogami-town


These two rivers, which beautifully display the majesty of the four seasons, and both knows as fishing mecca, and serious fisherman from all over the nation come to mogami to enjoy the fishing.


Akakara ski resort.

Il you come in the winter, the nearby Akakura ski Resort is famous for its powder snow, which makes its powder show, which makes it very easy to enjoy your time on the slopes.
The view from the top of the mountain is ofcourse magically beautiful. The ski resort has a variety of slopes, some good for beginners and others in tended for advanced,competitive skiers.
There is also a slope where children can safely enjoy sledding!



Semi Hot Spring is a quiet resort town situated on the left bank of the Oguni River. From ages past, Semi prospered as the preferred hot springs of the feudal lord residing in nearby Shinjo and many other Shinjo townspeople. The town still has a nostalgic feel, and the atmosphere of days past will sooth your heart.


Maemori kogen

Maemori kogen is a huge outdoor recreation zone that has many activities that can be enjoyed by both young and old. Maemoni’s biggest attraction, however, is the beautiful panorama. A broad grass-covered plateau seems to spread out endlessly in all directions, ringed by the dark green of the heavily forested mountains and crowned by a deep blue sky.
Taking in this beautiful panorama will soothe your nerves and calm your heart.
In addition, you will enjoy the many fine facilities and broad menu of experiences that a wait your visit. Horseback the testing riding is perhaps the most popular attraction, with city dwelling horse loves coming back again and again.

The important cultural property house Basyo – Matsuo stayed here 2 nights.

(An Important Cultural Property originally owned by the Ariji family)

As depicted in the famous travel novel “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”, after Basho and Sora crossed the Shitomae Barrier, which belonged to Sendai’s Date clan, they crossed the border into what is now Yamagata, and requested lodging for two nights at the border guard’s home, the “Hojin no le”. Only a few minutes’ walk from JR Sakaida Station, the home takes you back to an age in which horses and humans lived together under the samethatched roof. The building was designated an Important Cultural Property in 1969, and Caten converäng one of the rooms into an exhibition space, was opened to the public in theyear 2000.


The Oou Mountain Range is the backbone of the Tohoku region, forming a giant watershedpass between Eastern and Western Japan, and with a height of 338 meters above sea level, it is the second lowest of all the villages in Japan that are located on the watershed. Right in front of Sakaida Station is an agricultural water supply culvert that splits in two, with one branch emptying into Pacific Ocean in the east and the other draining into the Sea of Japan in the West. A very rare sight indeed!


One on many Yamagata local religious traditions. Even today, many pilgrims make this arduous tour each year. This pilgrimage, which has a history of several hundred years, attests to the depth of faith in Kannon, the goddess of mercy, held by generations of local people. You will surely be deeply impressed by the range and variety of historical documents preserved in these thirty-three temples